I'm Flo, originally from New Zealand and currently living in the UK. I enjoy exploring the world and I designed and built the FLEXSTA portable monitor stand. I built the first version since I was working remotely and traveling and needed a second screen to get my work done. I had a portable monitor but I’d always spend time trying to figure out how to position it in the correct spot - it was never quite right. After lots of research and plenty of help from reddit and months of trialing out different iterations of the design I came up with this pretty nifty design that I’m pretty excited about.

It’s compact, sturdy and holds the monitor securely. If I’m working from a co-working space or cafe for the day I can just pop it in my bag with my laptop. It’s the simplest yet most effective setup I could dream up. Whenever I work with it, people frequently ask me where they can get one! And that’s when I started selling the product - my first sale was to a friend I was co-working with!

You can place your screen above your laptop and you’ve got an ergonomic setup with a bunch of screen real estate.

I wanted a design that was high quality, looked really nice, easy to pack up and pack down and held the monitor securely. I spent a bunch of time sourcing the highest quality parts to bring you the Flex 1.0

I’m really excited to share with you the Flex 1.0, it really changed how I work and has given me the freedom to work from wherever I need to, I hope it can do the same for you!