Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which portable monitors do you recommend?

We personally use and recommend the ASUS Zenscreen MB16ACE or the LG Gram + View. They are both high quality, lightweight and compact screens that are compatible with the FLEXSTA. Note the above links are amazon affiliates.

What is the max height of the portable monitor stand?

Extends up to 38 cm high, then you get an extra 10 cm to the top of the screen.

How heavy is the stand?

250g, the lightest stand you’ll find and it’s ultra compact.

How does the monitor attach to the stand?

Using a metal plate attachment that glues to the back of your portable monitor and an ultra strong magnet that is attached to the stand for quick pack up and pack down.

How much weight can the stand hold?

Portable monitors that are 900g or less.

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