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Setting Up Your Profile & Getting The Most Out Of FLEXSTA

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Hey FLEXSTA Family,

If there’s one article you’ll want to read from us, it’s this one.

This is your how-to guide for setting up your profile. It might seem pretty simple - every platform out there has something similar - but for FLEXSTA, it’s super important that your profile is given some extra love and attention. If you want to read up on how FLEXSTA works, click the link here!

So, let’s dive straight into it. First up, after you’ve gotten in contact with us you’ll receive an email with an invitation to use the site. Once you’ve set up the basics such as your username, password and all of those first administrative steps, you’ll want to log in to, where you will start on the Home screen.

Then, navigate to your profile by clicking on your name or picture at the top right of the screen, then click on the ‘My Profile’ button in blue.

There, you will see your profile, which if you’ve only just recently signed up with FLEXSTA might be empty. Navigate to the ellipses (three dots) at the top right of your profile, and click them to bring up the actions you can take on your profile. Click on the light blue ‘Edit Profile’ button.

There, you will be greeted with this page. There are three different sections we will navigate to set up your profile with us, and the first is the ‘User Details’ page. Start by putting in your basic details, such as your:

  • Email address

  • Name

  • Mobile Phone

  • A picture - so that everyone can see who the person is behind the name!

  • Current job title, if any

  • Social media profiles - LinkedIn is the most popular and important social by far

  • Any supporting documentation that will strengthen your appeal to an employer. This could include:

  • Your resume

  • An intro video about who you are (this is the most time consuming to make and likely not something you have on hand, but is something we’ve found really helps you stand out from the crowd!)

  • Any records of your certifications/qualifications/achievements

  • Details of your references

  • Any multimedia to show off your portfolio of work

Once that’s done, hit the big ‘Save & Continue’ button at the bottom right of the screen.

The next section is the ‘Preferences’ page, which is where you will lock in some of your broader, big-picture aspects of how you’ll be using the site. You can select whether your preference is to work on-site or off-site (or both!), and whereabouts you’re open to working at if it is on-site. You can also narrow down the types of work you’re willing to do if you have any preferences, however the default is that you’re open to do all types. Then, select your Notification Preferences, and click ‘Save & Continue’.

The last page we will be editing is the ‘Expertise’ page. This is the most important part of your profile, and where you’ll want to go into as much detail about your experiences, proficiencies, qualifications, and industries as you can. The tags associated with each of these sections are the exact same tags that an employer will use to search for the perfect candidate, and so you’ll want to be comprehensive with your tags and not sell yourself short.

First, you’ll want to choose your categories. There are four main categories to choose from:

  • Information Technology

  • Strategy & Marketing

  • Marketing & Creative Services

  • Arts

You’ll want to select one, two, or all of the categories that apply to you.

Next, onto Capabilities.

Capabilities are the part of this section that you can go into the most detail with. There are hundreds of different areas you can select from, and we are always adding more as needs grow and different software/skills come to prominence.

Start by searching for the general, broader tags that might apply to you, such as “Digital Media”, “Office 365”, or “Management Consulting”. Then, slowly go through and search for all of the other more niche proficiencies you have, such as tools and softwares you can use, skills you have, or subject matter that you are knowledgeable on. Quite simply, the more tags you have here, the better.

If you ever search for something and it doesn’t appear as an option, you can always click the “Add Your Own” button to enter it as a tag for yourself. We regularly review tags submitted in this way and add them to our vocabulary on the site if we think they are tags that others can get some use out of.

As you are adding your capabilities, you will also want to select your level of expertise. Rather than think of this as a feature that limits how good you can say you are at something, think of it as a tool that allows you to broaden your capabilities section with things you are somewhat proficient at, but aren’t the main focus of your career or expertise. For example, if you have a financial background, let people know! So what if you haven’t used Xero in a few years? It’s most definitely better on your profile than it is off it!

When you’re done, your capabilities should look a little like this (though hopefully with a much longer list than what we have!)

Similarly, now go through the Certifications and Industries sections and fill them out as necessary in much the same way. You’ll find that you’re using the “Add My Own” feature more often for the Certifications, as there are simply so many out there that we can’t keep track of them all. Personally, I wouldn’t overcrowd your Industries section, and I would keep it tailored to the types of jobs that you’re trying to connect with in the first place.

When you’re done, your Expertise page should look a little something like this.

And that’s all there is to it! Click that blue “Finish” button, and you’re all set and ready to go to find the perfect match for that next opportunity. As a final tip: the more time you spend in the ‘Expertise’ section the better, as that is really the part that tailors the system to you personally. And with that, we wish you nothing but success using FLEXSTA!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or feedback on any part of this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

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